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RSL Driving School - Intensive Driving Courses in Lincolnshire

3 day courses - either 6 or 8 hour days, taking a 2 hour break for lunch (reduces time taken off work and can be conducted partly over weekends).
5 day courses - 5 half days of 4 hour duration.
8 day courses - 8 half days of either 3 or 4 hours, subject to need.
10 day courses -10 half days of 4 hour duration.
Bespoke course – based on student needs.
If you’re looking to get up and running when it comes to learning to drive, you’ll find RSL Driving School perfect thanks to our flexible intensive driving courses. Based in Ruskington, we serve the Lincolnshire area, including such locations as Lincoln, Sleaford and Grantham. We are happy to help drivers regardless of whether they are a complete novice or are looking to get back behind the wheel.
Driving courses span from five to 10-day programmes, but the student can specify their preferred path of progress through a bespoke course. Intensive driving courses allow a driver to benefit from an efficient schedule that allows them to become a competent and safe driver quicker but comprehensively.
Such a schedule allows a driver to be continuously learning and not having to wait a week between lessons, spending unnecessary time recapping what was taught in the previous session. This means the cost is potentially reduced as less time is taken to get to a level where a driver can be confident enough to take their test.
Those looking for intensive driving courses in Sleaford and the surround area can contact us by email or phone to discuss a potential programme. Mike Jones is our tutor and is a fully Accredited Driving Instructor by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency. Mike will gladly help you put together the best schedule that meets your needs and doesn’t interfere with your other commitments, while he can also offer full support when it comes to test booking.
This makes the intensive driving courses more efficient. The benefit of this is that the number hours required to become a competent and safe driver is reduced, as is the cost. Clearly the upfront costs of an intensive course is greater than weekly based training. RSL has solutions for that too. Please get in contact with RSL, we can discuss the options on the phone or come and meet you. We also offer full support with test booking, or we can do it for you and provision of a car for test. RSL provides comprehensive training programmes which will take a learner from complete novice or partly trained right through to qualified driver.

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